Centers at a Glance

National Clinical Research – Richmond is one of the leading dedicated (full time) multispecialty research centers in the United States. This center is distinguished by:

  • A 30-year history of conducting phase II-IV clinical trials
  • The personal, daily involvement of experienced and credentialed physician investigators in the execution of research protocols
  • The involvement of experienced clinical research coordinators who have conducted clinical trials for a mean of 6 yrs, have completed certification exams, hold a RN or other professional certification, and have practice experience as health professionals. This makes it possible for us to offer the highest assessment and triage support for our studies
  • The timely and successful enrollment of study subjects
  • The delivery of high quality data with low query rates
  • The 100% attention and priority to the execution of research protocols (i.e. no distraction by patient care or student teaching)

NCR's investigators serve as consultants to the pharmaceutical industry on protocol design and product development and presenters of scientific information at national and regional educational programs for physicians and other health professionals.