Weight Loss
Medical Condition: Weight Loss in Adolescents
Facility / Clinic: Richmond, VA
Age: 12 - 17 years old
Gender: Male/Female
Brief Summary: Doctors are National Clinical Research are studying a weight loss medication that has been approved by FDA for adults.  Studies have shown that using the weight loss medication in addition to a reduced-calorie diet and exercise has contributed to long term weight management.  This research study will help determine if the weight loss medication is also effective in the adolescent population.
Key Inclusion / Exclusion Criteria:
  • 95th percentile or greater for weight
  • Have parent or guardian availalbe to attend study visits 
  • No current weight loss treatment
Enrollment: Open
Patient Commitment Duration: 1 year
Patient Compensation: You may be reimbursed up to $100 per visit for your participation.
Number of Visits in Study:  12 + 6 Lifestyle Modification Visits

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