Meet a Volunteer - Fred

An attorney, Fred has been the Deputy Administrator of the Supreme Court of Virginia for the past 30 years. For nearly a third of that time, the married, father of two has participated in clinical trials here at NCR.

In 1990, having just been diagnosed with high cholesterol at a routine checkup, Fred happened on a NCR ad posted on a bulletin board. The ad invited those with high cholesterol to join a study testing the cholesterol-lowering abilities of an investigational drug. He qualified for the study and was introduced to the realm of clinical trials. Since that first trial, he has participated in numerous subsequent trials that have benefited both himself and his fellow Man. When Crestor was recently approved by the FDA for use in those with high cholesterol, Fred noted that he was pleased to be part of the study that proved the drug to be highly effective and safe.

His experiences at NCR have been positive, with one exception, he states with a smile: the less-than-pleasant taste of one drug. He compliments the doctors and staff as professionals who maintain a high level of care along with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. In fact, the word “family” is mentioned as he recounts the staff he has come to know over the years.

He appreciates the results of clinical research. While diet and exercise play important parts in cholesterol control, studies have shown that some people who are genetically predisposed to the condition benefit more from treatment with medication. “I’m one of those people who could eat lettuce every day of my life and still have high cholesterol,” he says with a matter-of-fact shrug.

Fred knows the value of clinical research, and NCR knows the value of participants like Fred. Without volunteers, research would be impossible. Ailments easily treated today would go unabated otherwise. At NCR, our hats are off to Fred and all others who make clinical research a tool for improving the health of the world.