Why Clinical Trials Are Important

Clinical trials demonstrate whether promising medications are effective and safe in treating common medical conditions ...

In the USA, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for reviewing clinical trial results to determine whether study medications are ready for widespread use by the general public. Clinical trials also provide critically important information to physicians and other health professionals who use medications to treat their patients. For example, they teach us which medical conditions are best treated with the medication, what doses of the medication should be used, how often and how long the medication should be taken, what patients should not take the medication, and what side effects may occur and how these can be limited.

Most individuals need a medication to treat an illness some time in their life. These medications are available because clinical trials were conducted and people volunteered to take part in them. Volunteers are essential in developing new and better medications. We all benefit from their participation. In the same way that someone helped to develop medications that benefit us, we can help with the development of tomorrow’s medications by being a volunteer.

At NCR, trained physicians and other health professional specialists carefully plan all clinical trials. Before they are initiated, the FDA and independent review boards carefully review and approve the research plan. Approved plans are carried out with attention to detail and careful monitoring of patients by highly trained and credentialed health professionals. This helps assure that clinical trial results generate the information we need and that patients participating in them are adequately protected. 


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